Make Cash Online

3 Proven Ways to Make Cash Online

** Method 1 to Make Cash Online - Selling on eBay! **

 eBay is currently the biggest marketplace to buy and sell on the Internet. Soon it will be the biggest off the Internet as well, as more and more people each year are moving to buy goods online! So why not capitalise on this and start to make cash online?

Selling on eBay to make cash online can be broken down into 3 main steps.

1) Start off by selling random goods you no longer require from around the house. Look around for old games, old (good condition) clothing, any antiques, electronics, etc. Then put them up on eBay as an auction and see how they go. When listing auctions on eBay here are 2 GREAT tips to follow!

- List the item for 10 days and begin it on a Wednesday in the afternoon/evening. This is because it will end on a Saturday, around afternoon/evening time which is the MOST popular time on eBay. This means more people will be online, more people will be searching for your item (and in turn, seeing it, because eBay naturally favours putting "nearly ending" auctions at the top of search results) and more people will bid! Also because it's 10 days, you will also be active on 2 Saturday's rather than just 1 (with a 3, 5, or 7 day auction).

- Also list the item up for a start price of 99 cents. This will attract more "watchers" early on, who then convert to bids anyway. If you are worried about wanting to sell for no less than "x" price, then you can put a reserve. There will be an option when selling to put a reserve.

Now this money you can earn from selling these randoms goods around the house, hopefully amount to about $300-500. This would be great! Because we can then use this money and go onto the next step! Also the bonus of selling goods around the house, also helps you get used to the posting methods, and postal prices. Oh and also it gets you used to accept payments through PayPal, and paying for fees on eBay. This alone, is a great way to make cash online, and you can simply stay at this level if you wish. Continue on if you want to grow a business (small or large) online.

2) Time to take that $300-500 you have earned from step 1, and invest it to grow MORE! Now we need to find products we can invest in, to sell on eBay. There are three ways I suggest to do this:

- First you need to find suppliers/wholesalers. The best place to start would be China. Google several Chinese suppliers/wholesalers/factories, off the top of my head a few great ones are,,,, and Basically you should just make an account on them, and this will enable you to chat or send messages to all the suppliers. Now you need to find profitable products that you can sell! To do this, you need to start off eBay. When I first started, the best products I found to sell at profits, were the ones that were "as seen on tv". So watch some informercials and have a look at what products are going for sale. You can then usually type these in eBay and you'll notice people are selling them for cheaper prices. This is why most people don't actually buy from the TV, rather they see what they want and then go buy online, because it's cheaper. So get some product ideas from the Internet, or your local shops, ANYWHERE!

Then take these products, and have a search of them in all the supplier/wholesale sites. See what they have! Then search them on eBay, but when searching, use the "Advanced Search" and tick the box "Completed Results". This will let you see ALL the completed (sold or not sold) items. You can see if it's popular, how much is the average price it sells for, and what it doesn't sell for. Also, note that the MORE that sell, the BETTER it is for YOU! Because you know it's popular so you can make more consistant and regular sales!

*NOTE - You DO NOT want to sell a product that is NOT selling often, because it means you will be listing up items that will not consistantly convert to sales!*

You can also check that on supplier sites they sell things like wallets, sunglasses, clothing, belts, electronics, etc. I've had success in the past selling things like MP3 players and the like. So check the prices on supplier sites, then check what those same items go for on eBay, and see if you can get a list of 5+ profitable items! These items will be the ones we can sell to make cash online!

3) Once you have say 5 profitable items, pick one that you can make the most money with! Say you chose X item. Now from the suppliers, look for the cheapest price you can get that X item for. You have 2 ways to go about this now:

- You can order 100 X items, from the suppliers, say it's $3 each, that's $300, which is what you've already made. You receive the items, and sell them on eBay for $10 each (not including postage). After fees you're left with $6 profit. You've now made $600 profit in however long it takes you to sell that range of items! You can then take that money and invest in MORE of that product, along with another product from your list, and eventually grow your range of products bigger, and start up an eBay store!

- The other way, if you're more cautious is, to buy a sample of the X product, maybe 1-5 of them. This is to test quality, and possible sale prices. You can then get them, sell the 5 and see how they go. If all is well, you can order the remaining 95 and cycle this with more products! This is safer, but takes longer to make cash online! You chose what you're best with.

So good luck if you chose to sell on eBay to make cash online!

** Method 2 to Make Cash Online - Affiliate Marketing! **

 For those who don't know what affiliate marketing is, it's basically the promotion of another persons product, so that if you get them a sale, you get a commission of the sale price. When attempting to make cash online doing affiliate marketing this is what I suggest you do:

- Find a niche. Go onto affiliate networks sites such as, (my favourite), or have a look of networks on the the list HERE. Once you've found an affiliate network, make an account, then search through the products they allow you to promote. I'll use Clickbank as an example becuase it's my favourite. Go to the "Marketplace" and then find a few products in a specific niche which has "gravities" over 50-100, the bigger, the more popular the product is, meaning the easier it is for you to sell it! Once you have a few popular products in a niche, pick that niche to make your website about.

- Now the goal is to get pages up, that will tunnel through visitors from that page they land on, right to the product page you're going to promote, and then they buy. So now that you know the products you're going to promote, make website pages according to those products. For great tips and information on making affiliate marketing based websites, have a look at The Big Venture to make cash online. It's a blog written by an affiliate marketer who shares his successes, obstacles and gives tutorials and general advice on all sorts of Internet marketing topics which can help you make cash online!

** Method 3 to Make Cash Online - Blogging! **

This is one of those crazy new trends that are starting to pick up more every year! Everyone is starting up their own blogs, and writing about pretty much ANYTHING! However, only a few of these people are actually making money from it. Now the key to make cash online from a blog is to write about something that is "interesting". That isn't the only thing, but it's a big part of it. What exactly would people look for on the internet? Can you give it to them? Then write about it.

 So the first thing you should be doing is thinking about an area of knowledge that you have, and think about whether people will be interested in reading it. For example, I knew a guy who I taught this stuff to, who was a personal trainer. He loved nutrition, weight loss, bodybuilding, all that sort of stuff. So he made his own blog about "fitness" in general. He broke it up into sections, weight loss, nutrition, muscle building, athletics, aerobics, supplements, etc. Then he just put up a post every few days in each of the sections. You need to note here that:

- He knew MORE information than the average guy about this sort of stuff. So he could write some fantastic content, that was true, and interesting.

- But he also knew he had a market of people who would be looking for his advice/tips/information! People out there are always seaching for all sorts of fitness things, and so he tapped into this market.

Now a "key" when writing the posts was that he targeted specific keywords. eg. rather than writing an article called "Weight Loss", he titled it, "3 Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss". He still targetted the same major keyword "weight loss", but made it a much more appealing title. This worked great in getting more and more people to read his blog, and tapping into traffic from the search engines.

Finally after a few weeks, and some serious 20+ posts on the blog, I suggested to him to monetize it. He said how? I said, there are basically 2 great ways.

- Use affiliate programs. This is pretty much like the method I described just above, but instead, target more appropriate programs to the fitness areas. eg. if talking about protein shakes, find a supplement affiliate program to affiliate with and then send your visitors to their products and say something like "Discount Protein Shakes HERE".

- The other easier way is to simply use Google Adsense. Check it out, sign up for an account and get started. It's so easy, all you do is chuck up the code (which you get from Google Adsense) and Google automatically puts related ads to the content on your pages. Payout is usually anywhere from 2 - 50 cents a click.

So this personal trainer guy, put up the ads and a few affiliate programs, and then within 4 months he was making around $75 a week from his blog! The great part was that is was passive income, and he loved doing it, he would have done it for free! That's the last "key" tip. Do something for the VALUE not the money, the money will eventually come when you've provided the VALUE. You can then copy this method over and over with blogs in other niches!

That's how you make cash online with blogs. Now to the website content here.

You’ll find inside this website, many ways that you can make cash online. What’s great about my site, is that I have written all the articles in a way that you don’t need any prior knowledge to start making cash online.
Here’s a brief overview of all the ways I will teach you how to make cash online:

Work Online Jobs - Are you a student? Are you disabled? Are you unemployed? Do you just want to make extra cash online? Well, you can work online, part-time or full-time, and earn endless amounts of money. In this article, I’ve written about the many jobs you can work so that you start to make cash online.

Get Paid to Click - A very simple way to make cash online. You get paid to click ads, links, emails etc.

Paid Surveys Online - I will show you how to make cash online by completing paid surveys. There are many big companies willing to pay people for their opinions, in order to improve their products or create new ones.

Offers for Money - Do you shop online or are willing to join up to some free offers? Well, you can receive rewards for every dollar you spend in a shop, or everytime you sign up for something. These rewards include cash. Great way to make cash online if you shop a lot online, sign up for offers, or join clubs.

Make Money Online PayPal - Do you have PayPal? There are several fairly simple ways that you can make cash online using your PayPal account. In this article, I go through some of these ways, and other possible things you can do to make extra cash online through PayPal.

Blog To Make Money - Do you like writing? Make a blog, and write about whatever you want. I will show you how to do this, AND THEN start making money from it. There’s a hugh amount of potential money from personal blogs.

Make Money With Twitter - One of the quickest growing social networking sites on the Internet, Twitter. What you may not know, is that Twitter is also a marketing tool and a way that you can make some easy cash online doing something fun.

How to Affiliate - Affiliate Marketing is probably where most of the money is on the Internet. It’s the selling of another person’s product, through whatever means you wish, commonly a website. You don’t need to worry about product checkouts or refunds, which makes things much easier. A great place to start if you want to make cash online.

Master Affiliate Program - This is an article I wrote when I found an amazing, new product that any Affiliate Marketer would benefit from. I wouldn’t recommend reading this article until you have at least started affiliate marketing. It’s a unique way to market an affiliate website, without using Google Ads, or anything like that. Recommended for those Affiliate Marketers who want to rise to the next level.

Google Adwords Tips - This article is full of Google Adwords Tips that I put together, helping to make cash online for those who own Affiliate Marketing sites. I’ve also put in a product that will allow people to get free Google Ads.

Make Money Online Poker - Definitely something to read if you know how to play poker. I talked to a few people who make a living playing online poker, collected some of the best online poker tips around, and wrote up this article. This is my favourite way, by far, to make cash online.

Make Money Playing Games - The video game industry is huge now, just last year there were over $3 billion in sales of video games. With so many video games, and hundreds created every week, someone needs to test them for glitches, errors and any other problems. This is why many video game companies now pay people to test their games before they hit the shelves.

Make Money With eBay - Anyone can make cash online selling things on eBay. You can sell extra junk around the house, or even start an online business on eBay. In this article, I’ve mainly concentrated on starting up an online business, whether wholesale selling or dropshipping on eBay. However, I’ve also included a few ways to make cash online clearing out your bedroom closet of junk at home.

Stay At Home Business - How nice would it be if you could start your own business from home? Well, you can. And it's not that hard. There are many ways to do it, and if you know what to do and how to do it, it's fairly easy.

Make Money With Photos - Do you have a digital camera? Well you could have been making money right now using it. You don't even have to be a professional photographer. Check out this article and learn how you can make cash online with photos!

There are many more articles on this website, which can be found on the left menu. Have a browse through and check it out!

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